A group of financial and legal consulting companies daily facing structural interaction problems of their clients, representatives of business and state entities of different levels, once needed a solution allowing the company’s clients to develop their organization and know of state policy in different segments.
Open meetings of Russian state authority’s representatives with commercial companies’ managers – “National Business Forums” – have become that solution. 

Banking segment being an integrate part of any business process was chosen as a starting direction. A series of conferences has united financial experts and financial market regulators thus forming a foundation for new contacts and prospective collaboration. Other conferences where each segment of Russian economy needed external and internal policy structured in order to improve the whole economy have been scheduled.
Nowadays “National Business Forums” is a successful agency maintaining business events at highest technical and organizational level. Conferences and meetings take place with the assistance of media, expert organizations and state entities.

NBF Agency projects business events of different subject matters for all segments of Russian economy. A special emphasis is placed on development of non-oil and –gas segment of Russian economy. In order to continue those events international meetings will be organized. One may assure oneself of that before long by participating in their performance and preparation.