About the company

“National Business Forums” Agency is an independent platform of interaction between the state and the business community. 

Our purpose is not only in holding business events but in complex approach in solving problems influencing development of business in Russia.

The development of innovative sector of the economy is the main component of the success of any state in a modern world. It is the innovative projects venture investment that justifies the risks like no other segment of the economy.

The aim of the “National Business Forums” Agency activities in 2013 is the development of venture industry, and special attention shall be paid to the first steps in the search for investors, angels, as well as new ideas and solutions. We will certainly deal with the legal framework of project venture financing both at the start-up and during the initial operations stage.

We are not afraid of implementing new technologies to fulfill our own interests and the needs for the Russian public.

Join our team to increase and transform potentially prospective and diversified concepts into real-life projects!

Download the Presentation of the Agency.