“National Business Forums” agency is a facilitator of different format events.
Our work is primarily based on close cooperation with state entities. We conduct our business within state projects and national programs.

NBF activity is:
1. Facilitation of exclusive events made to order for major companies.
Such campaigns are supposed to provide the presence of state entities’ representatives as well as specially invited partners.
2. Invitation of ranking statesmen and top managers to make speeches at the events.
Participation of those people allows one to make proper decisions and influence their implementation.
3. Flexible pricing.
We take interests of Russian partners into account keeping high quality level of all business events at the same time.


“National Business Forums” promote consolidation of the expert community’s active part in order to improve business processes for the convenience of Russian economy’s progress.


Our major purpose is that NBF becomes a platform uniting the leading experts, analysts, chief executives of companies and the state. This opens the door to:
• A continuous access to expert and actual information
• Participation in cooperative decision making for pending issues
• Exchanging experience and mutual assistance
• Readjustment of plans, projects, programs and strategies considering new possibilities and data obtained.