Events by “National Business Forums” agency represent a strong platform for your company’s positioning.

Any NBF event is accompanied by printed works, photo and video materials of high quality.

A conference booklet is a feather in NBF’s cap. It is a valuable source of information including names of all speakers, their bios, insignia and some of their statements on the event’s issues. The booklet also includes commercial proposals of our partners and list of accredited media. We compile new booklets with actual information for each conference. The booklets are printed on high-quality paper and, among other things, appeal to the eye.

NBF promotional means consist in an efficient way of getting positive publicity having a medium budget.

Our distinctive aspect and the feather in our hat is NBF’s higher quality of accompanying printing products and floor-mounted structures. 
Each event is accompanied with a multiline booklet of NBF corporate design which includes detailed info on speakers, conference schedule, Partners’ and Sponsors’ proposals and official media for the event. 
An additional advertisement aid within any conference’s appearance is provided by internet agency of NBF refreshed weekly in order to inform the clients of every insigni¬cant changes and additions to the events’ schedule. 

Contents of any event's participant package:

  1. Folder, notebook, pen
  2. Event’s booklet
  3. Leaflet schedule
  4. Accompanying and souvenir materials set
  5. Information materials by partners and sponsors
  6. Personalized badge
  7. Report footage
  8. Report: transcript of speeches
  9. Report: conference summary, essential abstracts
  10. Report: questions and answers from ministries and entities
  11. Testimonials and references of the field


We make respective arrangements in order to make all the materials of the event available to:

  • Event’s direct participants
  • State offices and institutions
  • Our regular participants
  • Partners and sponsors